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Always wanted to be unique, and bea & jun. Rinny, Blythe, King, and Yukie. male heads. putangina mo. Ive decided to post it anyway because its a finished set, and if anyone wants to change it up or use the hair or whatever, feel free to do so! The rest is on me. Hello, I know this is not gfx related issue or post but I am asking everyone to spread awareness about what is happening right now. hahaha anyway. PRETTY SURE =) Look on Our blog the Orange head x) HOPE YA DONT MIND & I GIVE CREDITS DONT CHA WORRY , Bella, can u make me a head upload for graaloween i want a cute scary head and an body upload , Well it depends what you want done with the head, (edited, made, gif etc.) Im so sorry to those that were really looking forward to this, but the head was disapproved for copyright infringement (I mean, of course I wouldve run into this issue sooner or later. BC graal heads are small files so ahaahah. Am hiring gfx artists so contact me if ur interested. View the profiles of people named Tiffany Greil on Facebook. lol fuck you. Ill be gone June-Sept, but if I get REALLY bored, I guess I might release something during then. New Customs coming before january 1st 2021 to this page! I made a new version of his head and he said he liked the first one better and then finally after 3 days I finished his head, i was so mad because 6k tro for 3 days lol and the time it took me to wait for his replies is so long, I can see him online and its taking him ages to reply like bro I HAVE LIFE aswell T-T that dude literally drained my week bc I had my slots planned out I didnt expect him to be this picky, I coulve cancelled it but I already made his head and he constantly dont suggest anything to change like how the fu im supposed to fill in ur wants if u dont know what to change? Ill make a skin variation later dont worry. Feedback Gunner Gfx. OKAY so heres the deal. I'm Sean an old player of Graal online classic! Graal's Colorful, Unique Website. Just something to consider . ~ Poppy. Hello everyone! plus she didnt even change anything, just a simple recolor which I can basically do in a sec. HEADS *only edit = 75 gralats *. MALE HEADS. com) Enjoy! Search for: Check this out before uploading. If you ever decide to get one of our uploads, please dm us! Male Heads - Male Heads Welcome to the Male Heads Section! this one is like basically a head made from scratch so GIVE CREDS TO MEEE. This dude literally dmed me 3 am at my tz, kinda sus the way he sent a screenshot of his trochus like I even care dude as long as you can pay for ur dum request. Graal GFX by akorius and others. So, I plan to fix and update this site to give you a better overall experience. Skip to content. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Who knows? Also, visit >>> triunegfx <<< Ill be posting the other couple head there = ) thx for visiting hlaudegfx! Nuh-uh! Many of the heads towards the end are edited, though all posts with credits were removed in the sites February 2021 revamp. png = 300 gralats *. Aaaanyways. 100's of heads, bodies, and more! /s. providing 100's of customs for every kind of Graalian since 2013. Now I have no interest in Graal Online anymore, but I may still add some Graalian GFX. boy heads. You couldve just asked me about my old customs, I was gonna post them this next following week but well I guess someone already have it. My head is the pink one and hers is the downgraded version which she uploaded on both her accounts. lmfao. my graal instagram. Officially Signing off, nueh/eun. The issues and angry confrontations or comments you receive only arise when you steal and do not adhere to the artists conditions. also, ill be posting on triunegfx some old files and prolly finish some scratch heads hopefully i rmmbr that, I wont be posting here bc i clearly post rants in this site ahahahahha sorry. 413,800 Randoms; Follow LyraGfx on Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Then I got few dms but I cancelled them all. I have no words as Ive already stated how upset i am in here but here, she apologized for her mistakes and I hope this could be a lesson to anyone whos thinking of remaking someones shield without their permission or not even giving a credit. No. This is your very first post. Graal customs male, graal customs female, custom graal heads, mudgfx, Graal Online Era Mud Jones jr's GFX Im simply asking that these people stop taking whats not theirs, especially if it was a commission for someone else that was not intended for you to use. Some hair colors work better with certain extensions. I am clearly not being racist on the part where he insulted the literal black skin, LMAO my comprehension aint bad dude, you couldve made it clearer since I will definitely assume you want a black hair so by saying Turn this heads skin color black same w the hair THE EDITOR WILL ASSUME YOU WANT A BLACK ALL DRIP RIGHT? But nobody recreated the Mona Lisa and didnt at least give credit to Da Vinci. I have a question : How do I apply extensions with no body attached? The hair itself is an edit of the ponytail extension I did (I took off the ponytail part). Normal head, smexy eyes, shading. Calvin is mean ^,~ For example, the best color combos are warm color hair + warm color extensions, cool color hair + cool color extensions, or dark hair + dark extension, and light hair + light extension. she didnt reply or even apologized. The scratch for my last post is still pending and Idk when will I even finish it lmao. Home; About me! I am deeply mad angry galit na galit rn. Sorry for such a small post! Thx if u do -Alexia, Sure ^~^ just go on the contact page and please use one of the ways to contact me (email, kik etc.) Graal Uploads. So first things first, Dali on discord dmed me about that one specific player named Nae (Imperium) ifiling her and telling her some nonsense lies. Enjoy! thats BLACKLIST for me. Adding your watermark is fine if youve edited it, but dont erase the original artists name. Bc I quit. Fully scratched by me, the first skintone is from Bear. Not cool, babe. Este espacio es creado para ti, aqu encontraras algunos diseos para usar en Graal OnlineClassic. Credits to triniwix. Not. Upload Classic. I currently play Graal Ol West so you can find me on there by searching the gang Maphasy. Its for guys and its kinda strange but also sorta adorable. With that being said, If you have ever edited and posted an edit of one of my heads on your site, Id love to promote it here! Thats all bebes, hope you liked it :))) February 10, 2014 Ok so lots of you have seen my status already. HOWEVER, Ill give you guys the pleasure of having the ponytail head as well. theres a girl around era her name is helena adams! seriously this is the reason why I get lazy editing and making customs for myself. Im not saying this to try and discourage anyone from editing or making art/uploads. Seyan Graal Gfx. Sadly I havent been motivated to work on any pixel art lately, but I have some finished heads Ill try to post in the next couple months. New Customs coming before january 1st 2021 to this page! I mean okay fine, its just a code but why would u name it after u? MiyabiGraal. Matti Gfx. VISITA NUESTRO CANAL DE YOUTUBE, y activa la CAMPANITA para ser NOTIFICADO cada vez que subamos NUEVO VDEO:, Design a site like this with, New Youtube Channel / Nuevo Canal deYoutube, .. FAKE ZUES READ ASAP. But calvin been taking bodies from theres this girl that requested a head from me before and kept on changing things on her head so I decided to cancel it. credits to qwertzillagfx. I am not trying to be mean .. And also Ive been obsessing over Lana Del Reys music lately so if you love her too then mwaah. I might add a gif and a body. Yall know like I know Graal aint going for the under boob though, so I had to cover it up. Join Facebook to connect with Tiffany Greil and others you may know. This page is so you can find male heads easier. fab uploods. shanel for the eyes. If you like to check our latest posts just go to posts or Click The link below. I will continue playing graal so see you around. %d . Ey, long time no see! heres a few heads and bodies jun and I worked on. Quieres divertirte y estar al tanto de todos los eventos y actualizaciones de Graal? Leave a comment. After checking it out again, I realized it it Hello, im mayo and im also back, i quitted for like 3-4 months but now im back to graal and to this site so i will post a head and a recolour, all credits goes for CammpyGFX YukimoonGFX ItzAqua LyviaGFX Kelsiscarletfilla Elgfx Rachelgraalgfx cdgraalgfx sweetnsourgfx kawaiipixeltwins lineagraal Hallegfx kyleegfx NanityGraal Brielleox Caramel and Bear LucyGraal Eranox Yarexy Kelly GFX Loxo GFX Chevrolx Jade GFX Younggenerationgfx Heart Graal Riah Riah holidaycheergfx Cookiedoe Hyuners GFX tiffany for the base head. As far as I can remember, I know the male head base was from Qwertzilla GFX, the hairstyle was from min and that was from mixs head (for both male and female), min posted it in aoibaragfx that is now macxhi. So I merged all recently uploaded files into 1 post. Get your hands off their work and edit customs you have permission to use or get a head commissioned yourself. Below Ive compiled some finished heads from my WIPs, some personals, etc. Dont worry about me. Everyone knows the upload that I use and I have already seen several people in graal with it, it is very annoying, I do not care if they use the head since it is from lauv gfx but the body I have modified and it is obvious that I infile it. I know she knows how to edit because she said it herself but lmfao I sold a set on a server and I changed the post from sold and she still decided to dm me and have the file even if its sold? I won mine with the recent Graaloween costume contest. Head And Body From Killagraalgfx, i changed the head color and added an animation and recolored one side of the body! 4. is originally from waiko gfx. its ears were wonky and misshapen, its body was an unflattering Tagged Female Heads, female upload, Graal, Graal Era, graal gfx, uploads 2 Comments. Author xfantazii Posted on March 30, 2017 April 2, . Home Updates Male Heads Female bodies non- human/other Templates Other Sites! NEW GIRL HEADS BY KYLE! I might just do a post where I make my personal uploads public or something. School is so stressful like I swear to god and then on top of that my family is too. Credits to macxhi for the most part of the front view hair, and mofzein for the sideview hair. GraalOnline goes Instagram. Sure do u have kik ? So just leave it, please. Lerajie Atlanta. But i verry like how u change it! Its really a hit or miss though. One of Graal GFX Sites xD. Im so glad to be working with these 3 cuties, thank you to everyone thats been checking our site! Also, try to avoid combinations that would create too much contrast (ex. If you have some complains/problems about the uploads here just PM one of us, Jigz or Ver. Also that customer found me at start in-game, not on any servers ahaha, hes also nice kaya sana all. Now I have no interest in Graal Online anymore, but I may still add some Graalian GFX. Do find us on discord or graal Upload sales end by 1st nov! LEAVE CREDIT IF U REUPLOAD OR EDIT!!!!! I apologize in advance for my thoughts being so disorganized, but I think youll get the point. (LogOut/ But then again, I didnt disband Hlaude and Hyacinth. the audacity. Tagged: #between the ask feature and reblog feature a gfx community could THRIVE on tumblr, #if any gfx artists are reading this consider switching to tumblr or moving here!, #maybe i'll make a post on this specific topic at some point, #not art, #graal, #graal classic, #graalonline, #graalonline classic, Ivy Fox GFX Graalonline Classic Graphics Main I use ArtStudio for iPad and Procreate for ALL of my art. so my name is Fluffy#Charm .also i play classic. Plus: I dont intend on returning to Graal ever. 10. Honestly you can copy edits just by the picture posted in the server but you want the file exactly? Feedback There are alot of heads i posted on the page 'updates' that aren't here because its laggy for me. I'M Back Graalians! wooo! Id love to make more customs but this isnt really the latest ones bc this was my uh third attempt on making scratch so its pretty old and I just found it in my discord files, and I can say I improved a lot w my scratch request journey back then, my favorite custom that I made was from a player who is actually the nicest customer Ive ever had, she paid via paypal and she isnt picky as well, she provided clear and brief references and the way she want it to be, I enjoyed it a lot although it gave me stress esp bc of the picky ones and the payment methods. I didnt bother trying to upload the body since the head was disapproved). Create a free website or blog at if you see any other person with this head or my old head ITS NOT ME! if any of you are curious on what i look like on graal era. VISIT OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL, and turn on the BELL to be NOTIFIED whenever we upload a NEW VIDEO:, Quieres aprender a Hacer y Uploads/Hats/Guns/Melees/Furniture? Graal Upload Taco Gurl. (Cookie). I hope no one ever edits you a head ever. kendraonikamgreen2piece RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS. Tiffany Graal Gfx. She also made a matching head for her bf using the base of my head. With my work hours consuming most of my time, I will not be able to focus on Graal customs or play the game much. Greetings everyone! Website with customized head, body, and shield files for Graal Era Online, Graal Classics, Old-West, etc. she ifiled my head.and shes making lies about me. Yesterday I was browsing my emails and I saw that I occasionally got emails from this site still. Keep checking for random updates. It seems like it, since you plaster your name on the back of each head and erase the other names. And srsly? All the customs here have been Edited/Made by us and us only, if you ever find any of our work on another website, it's not theirs. ChaoSQueeN HarleY - Quin (5uicidE 5quaD) [Graal Online Ol' West] Ven (5uicidE 5quaD) [Graal Online Ol' West] Psycho Kizza (5uicidE 5quaD) [Graal Online Ol' West] redd (5uici hey its fluffycharm here!! contact me. My birthday is on Saturday and I really want a custom! Matti Gfx Tag: Graal Graal Upload Pinkie! Nothing bad ever came from being respectful towards the artists and respecting their wishes to keep an upload to oneself. May 9, 2020 May 10, 2020 beangfx. manywi. IDK but I kept on getting dms with people who cant understand simple words. Heres Nicki and my edit : Put a chain on it and youll look like a badd b*tch !! Reply. I genuinely appreciate everyone that visits my website and uses my uploads, stolen or not. Check out our MPX tips video, these are some tips we know will be really helpful since we are highly experienced MPX players. But anyways the point here is to expose a mf jerk horrible disgusting rude awful human being like him. People know that theyre from Lyragfx instagram . or ill contact you in graal old west. Facebook gives people the power to share Thank to the 150. Honestly this is the worst dm ive ever got from a user in that huge server. I have a request for a head. via for the hair colour . , Sorry theres no body for this set, Im just too lazy to index all the recolors lol, but if someone requests it Ill add it. I THEM SO MUCH! Create a free website or blog at Credits to Pastel Dragon for the original head. FOR THIS SETS INDEXED BODIES, DOWNLOAD THE FILE FROM MY GOOGLE DRIVE: Popping in again to give a little life update, and unfortunately, its not an update you Graalians want to hear. hey its fluffycharm here!! 6 June 2021 3 June 2021 Fla. See who you know in common. BUT THEN I was testing things out on the Graal previewer and found out a lot of the heads can sort of match other color extensions like an ombre and Im so proud lol. Ill be doing a summer exchange program, and I dont want to worry about when Ill be able to make the next head or freak out when I dont meet deadlines to post. his head that was sent to me was confirmed ifiled. oki bye~-cd Rosetta GFX. can you make the head without the second face because graal era refused this head . Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Havent u learned how to read when u were in grade school? make the brown art into black and make the purple part into a darker purple?please i really like it , OMG WHEN I TRY TO UPLOAD A HEAD IT DOESNT WORK BECAUSE ITS NOT A .PNG FILE . Just have a few things to say regarding watermarks and people stealing personal customs. Se hacen diseos personalizados. if u have any comment just shoot down and ill read, on Sorry guys I was busy last 3 months, and now am back to post for u but Ill be inactive somesorry~GTR, on Am hiring gfx artists so contact me if urinterested, on I am back guys new maleheads, Sorry guys I was busy last 3 months, and now am back to post for u but Ill be inactive somesorry~GTR, Am hiring gfx artists so contact me if urinterested, I am back guys new maleheads. For all heads with transparent backgrounds, do not set trans. After I became staff on Ol West and later on with iEra, I had to focus on working for the servers. . Menu Home; Girl Sets; Girl Bodies; Girl Heads; Boy Heads; Boy Bodies; Other Cute Sites; Youtube; Male head. theres lot of drama in this head so she just told me that I can post it since she doesnt care anymore (if you know, you know). Usually male heads that are spikey takes me 4-6 hours to finish. Im honestly so over this ifiling drama and I dont care about these files or this Game no longer. Yesterday I was browsing my emails and I saw that I occasionally got emails from this site still. my name is Tiffany and i'm hoping to post graal gfx. Thanks!! Do you still do requests? I also want to look at this issue from another perspective. & check his sites ull see NoFaces his heads from him HOLY COW NO CREDIT So its transformative, right? Anyway this is a cool black haired male head, enjoy! Cool. Zone. 3. home. this site is already dead, we barely log on in-game aswell. I permit people to edit or transform my work, if thats what you would like to call it, but dont erase my watermark and slap on yours. You deserve someone like you in your life man, I hope you get that karma real soon fr. Tiffany Gill is currently an Associate Professor at Rutgers University. If you Gray GFX. anyways, ciao. My phone also has to be taken in to get fixed AGAIN. manywi Hello, im mayo and im also back, i quitted for like 3-4 months but now im back to graal and to this site so i will post a head and a recolour, all credits goes for tiffany graal and caramelandbeargfx, i edited this for me and then recoloured it so my sister could use it, but i guess ill post it here so maybe someone likes it and uploads it. **goes on floor** plz make me a head! She has curly hair, and you think the colors look gorgeous on her. black hair with white extensions), because the contrast will create a disconnect in the back view. Basically, since I last posted in June, a lot has changed. Like what button is it on the fatal uploads page because I found this really cute pink head but I dont like the body attached and its an option to just getting he extensions. IDK, MY BAD??? Second head has a blinking gif. LOL. I feel kinda sad to see how the site keeps getting lots of views even if its been dead inactive for months, so I will be back to posting some cool uploads from time to FEMALE HEADS PNG. Ps: credit to the original maker c: I survived my first post c: -Liz. HEADS *only edit = 75 gralats *.png = 300 gralats *.gif = 500 gralats *without 'C' logo = 50 gralats . the next cust is nice and a bit inactive because we dont often talk bc we have different tz just like the previous cust but she paid first and I made her head, Its pretty and I hope shes satisfied w it and shes nice! whenever i find myself struggling to understand the importance of creating art with love and for yourself, i remind myself of purple cat. Original head and extension credits go to Agartha GFX, and original body credit goes to NekoSenpaiChanGFX. do you do requests? Want to learn to Edit and Create Uploads/Hats/Guns/Melees/Furniture? Mystic. You can argue its transformative, but that is not the issue. About me making the set and that chlorine ifiled the set,, (which is not obviously true, like at all) I found it hilarious, That just because you got . Obviously, I wont directly expose the person or their website because, as you can see, I disagree with people who do this. Coinbase Email Address, Articles G

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